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10 days to change THE WAY you eat

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There is so much information out 'there' telling us what to eat

Yet HOW you eat is just as, if not more important

And not many people stop to think about it

During the next 10 days we want to encourage you to do exactly that

This book is a 10 day journey designed to get you to think about food and eating in a bit of a different way

With daily strategies to help you put the information into practice immediately

This ebook can help you think about and change anything you identify as beneficial about THE WAY you eat!

Too often the media and other sources tell us what and how we 'should' or 'shouldn't' be eating

Messages like

Don't eat this...(carbs, fat, dairy, gluten...)

Don't eat that...(sugar, bread, pasta...)

Eat 3 meals a day

No eat 6 meals a day….

This creates fear and anxiety which impacts our food choices

And if we don't follow these 'rules' we can end up feeling wrong, guilty or judging ourselves

But that is somebody else's opinion

And probably not right or relevant for you

Over this 10 day journey, you will learn how to focus inwards to find out what is best for YOU to eat

Changing the way you eat can help you

- enjoy food more

- get rid of the guilt and shame around your food choices

- help you manage your portion sizes

- help reduce any over-eating

- encourage you to make healthier food choices

- decrease issues like indigestion and heartburn

- and more....

Your health can definitely benefit from changing THE WAY you eat :)

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10 days to change THE WAY you eat

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